Best scope for your rifle

When it come to a long range shooting there is an important thing that you need for shooting and that is a scope. Without a scope you cannot aim to your target. Scope is an instrument used for see the things that are far. Scope is place on the gun to see the target in the long range. With the time passes scope design and features are improved. With .308 can shoot up to 200 yards and bullets drop increased and velocity decreased. But hunters want to push the limitations and want to make it deliver more alone. To make that real you have raise your bar and with that you can increase the range. But to get your target at that range you need a better scope. You choose the best scope for your .308 rifle you have to think about the below range-

  • Long range: Long range define 250 yards and above. This is the highest range that you bullet can go. To shoot from that range you need 10x magnification and above.
  • Medium range: This range is between 100 yards to 249 yards. This is the ideal distance for shooting. For that you need 6 to 9x magnifications.
  • Close range: This is the range 100 yards. You don’t need that much magnification at this range. You need 1 to 6x magnifications for that range.

So, you have to choose the best scope for your .308 rifle. There are so many scopes you will find. But not all are good. According to the buyer review of 2018 here we are going to tell you about the four best scopes for your .308 rifle. They are given below-

  1. Nikon P-308 4-12x40mm Riflescope: This is the quality scope with reasonable price. You just have to sight in, lift the knob, rotate to zero and re-engage.
  2. Leopold VX2 3-9x42mm Compact Riflescope: This is the best scope for .308 rifles in Leopold family. It has custom dial system, water/fog proof. This is the best scope for close range shooting.
  3. Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm BDC 800 Reticle: It is slightly heavier than P-308. The lance on this 2mm larger than P-308 and enable 16x magnification with 4 inches eye relief. It is a bit expensive than P-308 but this scope worth for that extra money.
  4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-24x50mm: This is the best quality scope with 24x magnification. It is a long range scope for hunting or tactical shooting. It has anti-reflective coating on the glass surface. You can clearly see in the harsh sun light and low light. It also has a 4 inches eye relief on an average and fast focus eyepiece.

In shooting you need to focus perfectly on your target. Otherwise your bullet will miss the target. Most of the scope doesn’t focus on the target clearly. So, when you go for buying scopes for your rifle choose the best be a better shooter. Please read this page to know more about scopes.